April 2019

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PREVIEW: New Certification Courses

Increase your skills when installing, configuring and managing Replibit, Anchor and BRC:

What is RAID?

Can you explain the difference between
RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5? Did you know that Replibit has it's own unique built-in RAID system? Learn the details about RAID (in plain English) here:

Modify the Replibit Agent

As a default, Replibit is set to use four worker threads per processor core. If you need to manually reduce that number, you can adjust the config file. One-minute video here:

Troubleshoot the Anchor desktop client

This lesson in our new Anchor Certification course will help you recognize and problem-solve desktop client issues. Learn more about troubleshooting registration, error messages when editing, graphics driver issues and factors affecting sync times.

Watch a "Troubleshooting the Desktop Client" video here:

Adding subscribers from a parent organization

If you are creating a Team Share in a suborganization, you may wish to invite users from the parent organization.

Read more about creating Team Shares for end users:

Throughout the rest of 2019, we will continue inviting groups of partners to try our new Business Availability Portal.

The new Portal will allow you to manage all of your Axcient solutions under a single pane of glass.

Preview the Portal FAQ to explore more details.

Understand the RMC Dashboard

The Dashboard is the nerve center of the RMC Web Application. You can monitor all sites, services, appliances, and devices in the organization from here. Take a closer look at the Dashboard and learn what each set of tools can do.

Review the RMC Web Application User Guide:

Overview of Axcient DirectRestore (ADR)

Axcient DirectRestore (ADR) is granular data extraction software for offline SQL databases, Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox stores and Outlook files.

Review the features of ADR here:

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