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April 2020
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As a member of the IT Channel, Axcient is here to help: not only to enable your client’s remote workforce, but also to ensure your data is protected and recoverable.

Learn more about Anchor not-for-resale (NFR) licenses

Remote workforce resources

More tools and ideas for enabling remote workforces

Case study: Eliminate VPN access?
Allowing open access to your VPN can slow the entire system. Mobile workers don’t always have secure internet connections, or experience with VPNs. This can mean security and compliance are compromised during document sharing.

Anchor's File Server Enablement provides access and real-time collaboration without a VPN. See how one company (supporting medical professionals) used Anchor to maintain security and compliance. Check out this Partner Success Story

Practical tips: We're collecting practical information including brandable "How to work from home" checklists you can share with your customers, the latest details on SBA loans, and other useful references on our Remote Workforce page.

Replibit: What is Axcient AirGap?

AirGap is new protection against malicious (and accidental) data deletion. It's built into Replibit Cloud vaults and local appliances and is enabled by default for all x360 users. You don’t have to sign up for anything new or turn anything on.

Most importantly, AirGap quickly recovers protected systems in as few as 15 minutes.

How does Axcient AirGap work?

AirGap retains snapshots in the system immutably. When deletion is confirmed, data is not immediately purged but retained and can later be restored to production. Confirming deletion protects against accidents, while retention allows time to recover from potential attacks.

And, Axcient's AutoVerify does a daily backup check to ensure good, recoverable data.

Learn more about Axcient AirGap


New! BDR appliances

The second generation of Replibit appliances are ready to ship!

The Rack Gen2 is a turnkey BDR appliance, available with end-customer configurations for direct-drop shipping. 

The Mini2 tower has IPMI, hot swap drives and 32GB RAM, while the Eco2 is a compact server with up to 3 TB of usable storage and 16 GB of RAM.

Check out the Replibit BDR appliance specs

By the Numbers: April 2020
  • 8,000: That's how many PEEPS® Bunnies it takes to reach the top of Chicago's Willis Tower in one straight vertical line.
  • More than 1,000: How often a biodegradable electroluminescent device made from fish scales can be bent and relaxed before it loses it's glow.
  • One shovel: NASA fixes Mars lander by telling it to hit itself with - this?

x360 CloudFinder

Audit logs

There's now a quick, easy way to view historical activities in x360 CloudFinder, including user searches, restores, and deletions. Learn how to use audit logs here

Plan for remote work with x360 CloudFinder

Need a checklist to remotely support and protect a client's distributed workforce?
    • Set up automated cloud-to-cloud backups with unlimited retention
    • Stand by to run full-text searches, granular restores and exports
    • Prepare detailed reports of user activities with audit logs
    • Backup all new user accounts and new shared mailboxes
Ready for more? How to plan for remote work with CloudFinder


Debian 9 in AxOS 10

For improved security, the AxOS kernel is updated to Debian 9.
AxOS 10 release notes are here

Set it and forget it
Instantly review all of your Axcient account details, in one place, in the x360 portal. Plus: "Set it and forget it" with AutoPay, for extra convenience and security.

Learn about AutoPay here

And finally - did you see this?
For a little break: Beethoven's Ode to Joy, mixed from individual members of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, each in their own self-quarantine.

We are always most creative when we work together.

Reminder: Free Anchor through June

Help your customers transition to a remote workforce, quickly and affordably with our free Anchor licenses through June 2020.

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