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April 2021 - ARCHIVE

x360Recover Runbooks

What are Runbooks?

You can set up a Runbook to automatically deploy a production Virtual Office with all the desired devices and configurations in place. This is perfect for testing a disaster recovery plan in advance: you can specify the devices to be virtualized, the order to be followed, resources to allocate and wait times between devices.

Coming soon: Direct-to-Cloud local cache

How does Axcient x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud with local cache work?

Local cache is currently in beta for Direct-to-Cloud, with the goal of delivering fast, local recovery for file folders, bare metal restores, and local virtualization - using a plug-in drive and your workstation.

Local cache will be encrypted, will be available for use on all D2C endpoints, workstations, and servers, and will give you a cache copy for a speedy recovery. (While local cache will provide for fast local recovery, it will not act as a full replacement for a local BDR appliance.)

Curious about how you might use local cache? Ask your Axcient rep to join the beta program.

If you haven't yet trialed Direct-to-Cloud, contact your rep or request a demo.

x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud FAQs

Since we launched Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) in early 2021, many of you have asked us questions about security standards, pricing structures for virtual servers vs. physical machines and local performance issues.

(Direct-to-Cloud is our full-featured, chain-free backup solution that requires zero hardware or local appliances.)

Answers to your D2C questions are here

x360Cloud new features

Simplify restores for Google and Microsoft 365
  • x360Cloud now keeps track of retry attempts, so you'll restore only items not previously restored.
  • x360Cloud can also now remember and reuse the original target restoration folder, keeping everything in one place so locating restored data is easier.
Review the latest x360Cloud Release Notes here and here

x360Cloud Speed Demo

Join us for a 15-minute tour of Axcient x360Cloud. You can be backing up - Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Google Workspace - in less than 10 minutes with unlimited storage/retention for Microsoft or Google data.

Register for the April 15 Speed Demo

The Great Storm of 2021

Where were YOU during the winter storms of 2021?

Axcient's employees are distributed all over the US, and many of us experienced an interesting winter this year, with record-breaking snowfall and extremes in temperatures.

Did you end up with tales to tell about The Great Storm of 2021?

Here are photos from Axcient employees as we dug ourselves out:

Single-pane-of-glass monitoring

Remote Management Console (RMC)

Did you know you can now monitor your entire x360Recover BDR fleet from inside the RMC console? You can see summaries of local appliances, Axcient cloud vaults and private Vaults, and check the health of Direct-to-Cloud servers and workstations- all from one place.

What can I do in the RMC?

Insights from real ransomware incidents

Virtual Lunch & Learn

Join us to learn about real ransomware incidents, hear about actual use cases and collect some expert insights on a threat much bigger than ransomware – human error. This kind of reality-based information can help you sell the value of backup and disaster recovery to your clients.

Axcient Virtual Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, April 20 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Axcient Partner Program

Our simple Partner Program offers you on-boarding technical training and certification and early access to new products and programs (among other benefits).

Take a look at some Axcient Partner Program benefits:


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