August 2019
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More about v8.3.0 What's new in v8.3.0?

In July, we began a staggered rollout of Replibit v8.3.0 which includes:
  • Scale-Out Cloud, a single cloud vault for unlimited data and endpoints
  • Instant Cloud Recovery, where any snapshot replicated to the Axcient cloud can be virtualized
  • AutoVerify, our new automated backup recovery testing system

New Appliances: Replibit Eco

Our Eco 2000 and 4000 appliances provide:
  • Separate OS disk
  • Redundant RAID-1 storage drives
  • 2TB and 4TB sizes
  • Double the capacity of the Nano
  • Two onboard 1 GB network adapters
Available now: Replibit Licensing Portal

How-to details: Eco QuickStart Checklists


Anchor v2.7.1

Our latest release includes important features, improvements and fixes related to performance and user experience.

2.7.1 Release Notes

Sync status report

Included in the 2.7.1 release, this new report identifies current files and folders on a given device or computer.

Example Sync Status Report


New! Certification

CloudFinder certification training is now available to help with configuring, managing and deleting in your CloudFinder environment. Course #1 takes 20 minutes and gives you a practical overview of CloudFinder's features and functionality.

Try a sample course

Coming Soon: BAP eLearning

Beginning in mid-August, if you have credentials to our Business Availability Portal, (BAP) you can access our free Product Certification courses via the BAP main menu. Track your progress, display course achievments and automatically log in to your courses from the BAP. No signup or contact is required to register for courses.

Watch for the new BAP launch page


The Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) allows users to remotely reboot, power off, or power on an Axcient appliance.

Read about how to set it up in the iDRAC User Guide

Managing retention

Do you understand how to configure the retention policies on your services?

Learn more about retention here:

Free, one-on-one training
Schedule live, customized training with the Axcient Product Team


Whenever you encounter a feature you would like to see in one of our products, please consider submitting your idea via our Feature Request form.

Anchor Support
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Anchor Knowledgebase
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Available weekends for critical issues

BRC Support
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BRC Knowledgebase
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Available weekends for critical issues

CloudFinder Support
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CloudFinder Knowledgebase
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Replibit Support
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Replibit Knowledgebase
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