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August 2020

x360Recover (Replibit)

Your migration to Scale-out Cloud is complete!

Axcient x360Recover Scale-Out Cloud is now available for all Axcient-hosted x360Recover Cloud vaults! No more managing multiple vaults, because our totally new architecture for sending, storing, and retrieving data includes the potential for unlimited expansion.

Take a look at what x360Recover Scale-out Cloud can do for you

Check out how to consolidate multiple vaults in Scale-Out Cloud

Run the RAT

When you open a Support ticket, you may be asked to run the Replibit Analysis Tool (RAT). The RAT collects agent configuration and logs, along with details on system health (including Windows and Microsoft VSS).

How to run the RAT to save results locally

Need to reset a lost IPMI password remotely?

If you should ever lose login access to your device's IPMI interface, you can reset user passwords remotely, provided you have access to the operating system shell as the root user.

Read more about using IPMITOOL

Axcient x360Cloud (CloudFinder)

Have you claimed your free x360Cloud licenses yet?

You already know that Microsoft does not guarantee against data loss. [see 6b] So, what is your company's strategy to backup and protect your own Microsoft 365 data?

We're offering all MSPs FREE x360Cloud not-for-resale (NFR) licenses for your own organization. With Axcient x360Cloud, your organization's Microsoft 365 data is always protected and easily accessible, with cloud-to-cloud backup directly from Microsoft 365 to the Axcient Cloud.

Create new organization-level administrative users in x360Cloud v2.20.0

You can now create new x360Cloud administrative users - and then allow those new admins to edit backup settings, restore end user data, view backup reports, and perform restores.

Learn how to create new organization-level user accounts in x360Cloud

Are your clients secure?

Six ways to secure a distributed workforce

Have you talked to your clients about the extra security precautions needed when so many employees are working remotely?

We captured a live discussion on securing mobile workforces the other day and came up with this list of work-from-home security considerations.

6 Ways to Secure Your Distributed Workforce

x360 Portal - Protect everything.

Our Axcient x360 Portal delivers three services under a "single pane of glass":
  • x360Cloud provides SaaS backup (formerly CloudFinder)
  • x360Recover supplies disaster recovery (Reblibit/BRC/Fusion)
  • x360Sync delivers secure sync and share (formerly Anchor)

New tools

The x360 Portal Dashboard now lets you sort cases by types and search by subject.

Latest details on x360Portal improvements

Axcient x360Sync (Anchor)

Custom branding

Have you ever created something and been so proud of it that you wanted to show it off to everyone? That's how business owners feel about their company branding.

Before your next client evaluates x360Sync (Anchor), set up the custom branding to display their company logo, and be sure to customize their "Welcome Email", too. They'll love it.

Snapshots around Axcient

Yes, even in 2020, time goes by.
And all of us have discovered interesting things to do at home this summer.

So - here are a few snapshot of how Axcient employees spent July.

What did YOU do on your summer vacation in 2020?

Met new people
Told jokes
Practiced napping

Made a water garden

Helped with tomatoes

Had an adventure
Sailed on a boat
Completed a hike


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