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August 2021 - ARCHIVE

x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)

New! Local cache

x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud now features optional, fully independent local cache as a recovery acceleration layer.

Using local cache lets you eliminate expensive on-prem appliances and offer your clients consistent recovery speed, reliable security and better data integrity - for half the cost of keeping that expensive local BDR appliance on-site.

Introducing: Recovery Center

Our new stand-alone app - Recovery Center for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) - is now available to make recoveries even more efficient.

You choose: recover directly from the Axcient Cloud, recover from your private cloud, use a local cache device or recover without local cache.

Technical details on Recovery Center for D2C


Bandwidth throttling

Did you know x360Recover natively supports bandwidth limits using a flexible scheduling system?

  • You can set maximum outbound bandwidth for D2C traffic so your internet connection doesn't get overwhelmed with agent activity.
Specify agent bandwidth throttling options for D2C

  • You can also manage throttling for replication traffic between an appliance and a vault, using either QoS or native configuration on the appliance.
Set up replication throttling between an appliance and a vault

Set backup schedules to fit business hours

Our newly-engineered backup scheduling engine in x360Recover can be customized to fit your customer's business hours.

Now you can craft backup time windows based the specific seven-day business schedule of your client.

Create customized backup schedules in x360Recover

New! Axcient knowledgebase

Update your bookmarks before 8.23.21

Our Support and Help pages have merged into a new technical knowledgebase.

Your technicians in the field now have one-stop access to a full library of Axcient technical instructions and FAQs.

Case study: End vendor sprawl

Are you wasting time and money with multiple vendors?

  • Are you still buying your backup from numerous providers, with no efficient, single support channel?
  • When you have a backup question, do you have to call first one vendor, then another, just to get started with resolving an issue?
If you are still struggling with multiple vendors, read this case study: One solution for all clients simplifies vendor management while increasing margins.

Faces around Axcient

x360Recover Local Cache Speed Demo

Thurs, August 19th | 1:00pm CDT

Join Axcient’s VP of Product, Adam Preeo for a nine-minute speed demo on Axcient x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud Local Cache, followed by a six-minute rapid-fire question and answer session.

Register here


You already have Thin Client (as a free upgrade)

x360Sync's Thin Client provides Windows file access without consuming much local storage. And the best part is - you already have access to Thin Client as a free upgrade feature.

Best Practices Tip: Submit a Support request

When you need the Support team

The simplest way to contact our Support team is via our x360Portal:
Log in, click "Create New" and give us all the details right there.

We've provided some fast, easy tools to collect the necessary information, plus you can always track the progress of your request in the same place.

How to create, review and close a Support ticket


Discovered a feature you would like to see?
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