December 2018

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Locking Anchor Files

Team Shares can be set up so that certain files automatically lock when they are opened for editing. This feature is a best practice, as it prevents file sync conflicts from occurring, especially in shared folders with many subscribers. When files are closed, they automatically unlock.


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Troubleshooting Anchor's Outlook add-in

The Outlook add-in allows you to email links to files and folders using your Microsoft Outlook application. In some instances, however, you might encounter errors.
Here are some troubleshooting tips:
Attachment errors:
Launching errors:


Which ports does Replibit use?

You probably already know that all Replibit devices must be able to reach and on ports 80 and 443. But are you as familiar with the various other port settings used between agents, vaults and appliances?


How to stop a running Replibit backup job that seems stuck:

If you have a situation where a running backup job appears to be frozen, follow these steps to stop the running job:


Questions and observations on Replibit 8.1.1

We're 80% complete with the roll-out of 8.1.1, and the majority of systems should already be experiencing the benefits of the new Replication Engine.
[Features in 8.1.1:]

Here are a few questions from the release that we would like to respond to:

NEW! Watch this space for technical best practices related to our (BRC) Business Recovery Cloud products in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

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Our new Business Availability Portal is now ready and we are rolling out access on a per-request basis. Contact your Partner Success Manager to create your new account.

NEW! Leasing program has launched. All existing Replibit hardware appliances can now be purchased as a lease instead of a full, up-front payment. You still order BDRs in the exact same fashion as always, through the license portal, but now you have the choice to select the “Lease Option”. Questions? Contact your Account Manager for more details.
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