February 2019

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Get Axcient certified in 2019
New product certification courses are launching in Q1. Master configuring, managing and troubleshooting Anchor and Replibit, using practical examples.

New Release: Replibit 8.2.0

Take a look at Replibit 8.2.0, our major new feature release including updates to the network management system, ConnectWise integration and reporting here:

Replibit Recovery Toolkit

Do you have your free copy of the Replibit Recovery Toolkit, our go-to utility for troubleshooting and general digital forensics?

Free download:

Axcient's preload platform:

WebSeed is the most efficient way to upload backup data to your Axcient Data Center.

[VIDEO: 3 minutes] Create a data set to preload with WebSeed

Review step-by-step instructions:

Having sync issues? Start with the logs

When the Anchor desktop client is not synchronizing as expected, begin by looking at the logs.

Quickest way to retrieve log files on a Windows machine?

[Video: 2 minutes] Tips on reading Anchor log files:
Anchor is backup, too

We recently heard from a partner who needed to regularly backup multiple client laptops: automatically, in the background, and in nearly real-time.

Read how Anchor efficiently met that client's "backup" need:

Close-up: Cloud-Enabled File Services

Free! Preview a new Anchor certification lesson to learn about the components of Anchor's cloud enabled file services platform.

Integrate BRC's UMC with ConnectWise

Did you know you can integrate a Unified Management Console (UMC) with the ConnectWise PSA tool?

See the details involved here:

Create a new Runbook

You might need a new Runbook to test a user’s disaster recovery plan or to automatically deploy a production Virtual Office with all the desired devices and configurations.

Review how to create a Runbook here:

Watch for an invitation in Q1 2019 to pay your invoices using our new Business Availability Portal.

Take a look at the Portal FAQ and watch for more details.

If you have suggestions for future newsletter topics, or ideas on new features, please get in touch using our Feature Request. We value your input on how to improve our product offerings.

Free! Schedule live, customized training on any Axcient products here:

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