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February 2020


Version 10.0.0

Replibit v.10.0 contains a Linux operating system upgrade along with a Replibit product update.

To successfully update to v.10.0, you'll need to prepare your Replibit devices. Please note that total upgrade time should take 30-90 minutes in most cases.

Learn how to get ready for Replibit v10.0.0.

Management Portal Centralized Alerting and Ticketing

Have you enabled central alerting in your Management Portal yet? Starting with v.9.0.0, you can now receive alerts when issues are presented in the Report Engine.

Check out how centralized alerts and ticketing works


New Web Portal features
  • New icons should be intuitive and clear for every level of user. We kept that in mind when we designed our new icon set, applying familiar industry standards.
  • We've also added a "What's new?" dialog to the top of every page of the Administrative portal. Admins in your top-level organisation can stay current on the latest Anchor news with one click.
Take a look at Anchor's new features in the 2.7.4 Release Notes.

End of Support announcements

Like you, we're always focused on the latest security standards, tools and technologies. To ensure the high quality and security of Anchor, we're planning to end support for some mobile operating systems and web browsers in 2020.

Review the end of support changes coming up in Anchor in 2020:

Learn something new
Technical Best Practices Workshops

Have you been to an Axcient Tech Best Practices Workshop yet?

Our tech workshops deliver practical, hands-on learning. Be more efficient, stay current on best practices and network with your peers. Plus—lunch is on us!

Check out the up-coming schedule:

X360 CloudFinder


X360 CloudFinder's full-text SmartSearch works across all user accounts. When you find what you're looking for, view directly within CloudFinder - no need to download or navigate away.

[1-minute video] SmartSearch

X360 CloudFinder MFA

Are your CloudFinder customers enjoying that extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication? It's easy, too, because CloudFinder MFA is self-managed: users log in and enable MFA for their own individual accounts.

How to enable MFA for X360 CloudFinder:


Add new Web App users

When you support large organizations, with multiple system administrators and a variety of access needs, it's useful to be able to customize users with different authorization roles.

Learn about adding new Web App users (and customizing their roles) here.

Recover Public Folder Data with DirectRestore

Public folders are designed for easy shared access. However, customers are sometimes confused when trying to locate items within a public folder.

Can you explain the difference between primary and secondary hierarchy mailboxes - and the best ways to use DirectRestore to recover public folder information? Read more here.

By-the-numbers: Valentine's Day

58 million pounds of chocolate..

...will be purchased in the US during the week leading up to Valentines day, according to data from the National Retail Federation.
  • 19% of those surveyed spent an average of $26 on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets last year.
  • 34% of consumers plan to eat out on Feb. 14 -- making Valentine’s Day the second busiest day of the year for restaurants.
  • A neural network in the US celebrates Valentine’s Day by drafting “romantic” messages on conversation hearts (sorta). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?


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