January 2020

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Version 9.0.0

Replibit version 9.0.0 began a staggered release in December, including enhanced login security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the ability to manage devices based on tickets and improvements to AutoVerify.

Read the full release notes here:


Manage Share Links on iOS and Android mobile apps

You can now create, monitor and delete Share Links from your mobile device. On the bottom navigation bar, you'll notice a new item: Share Links. When you tap it, the list of "Items Shared By You" will be displayed.

Check it out here: iOS | Android

Restrict extensions for added protection

As an administrator, you can use policy settings to restrict specific file types from being synchronized to the server. (This helps protect organizations and user accounts from files that might contain malicious code.)

Learn more about hard-coded excluded directories and extensions, as well as default excluded extensions that are configurable through policies here.


Troubleshoot AutoVerify

AutoVerify can test recoverability, using deep system integrity checks in the running virtual machine. When is this most useful? If an appliance is unable to start the VM, if communications with the VM fail, when specific test cases fail or when a protected device may have corrupted data.

Review examples of troubleshooting AutoVerify.

X360 CloudFinder

X360 MFA

Add an extra layer of security to your X360 CloudFinder login, by enabling multi-factor authentication. MFA is self-managed, so any user can log in and enable MFA for their own individual account.

How to enable MFA for X360 CloudFinder:

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