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July 2021 - ARCHIVE

Axcient AirGap

Your last line of defense

Unfortunately, the world changed for MSPs this month, when one of our co-vendors was affected by a cyber attack.*

Please be aware that Axcient AirGap - a built-in enhancement to your Axcient BDR solution - saves a snapshot of your data in a protected environment, providing a last line of defense during any cyber-attack on your backup files.

Review the details on your Axcient AirGap protection


Fine-tune your snapshot retention settings

You control which recovery points are saved on a device, and how long those points are kept, by adjusting your snapshot retention settings.

If you're running out of space on your x360Recover appliance or if you're curious about your current settings, review details on snapshot retention settings

x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud

Instant export

In 10.7.0, you can now instantly export virtual disk images and make them available for immediate download.

No more lengthy conversion process! The new feature dynamically transforms the raw volume into a downloadable file of any supported virtual disk type.

All about x360Recover instant disk exports

x360Recover Service Advisory

As a reminder: Be careful out there

Our Support team has observed partners performing certain troubleshooting steps on their own - prior to opening a ticket or seeking assistance from us - and these steps can hinder efforts to quickly resolve backup issues.

Please! Remind your techs to avoid:
  • Uninstalling or deleting agents
  • Deleting the agent installation folder
  • Deleting any files in the agent installation folder
  • Removing Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy snapshots
Our Support team is here to help 24/5 - with any x360Recover-related question.

And, of course, we're standing by 24/7 for any critical recovery situations.

Take a look at the current x360Recover Best Practices Advisory

x360Recover Virtual Office

"What can I do with Virtual Office?"

  • First, start a virtual machine in the Axcient Cloud. Then, spin up a Virtual Office running within the Axcient data center.
Watch the spin-up process [7-minute video]
  • Now, use that Virtual Office as a test environment for hardware or software changes. Or perform a production virtualization, to be used in the event of a disaster, to temporarily replace production devices until a permanent replacement is ready.
Runbooks are the tools you use to configure an automatic deployment plan for virtualized devices in Virtual Office. Learn more about RunBooks

Virtual Office Speed Demo

Thurs, July 15th | 12:00pm CDT

Join us for a nine-minute speed demo on x360Recover – Virtual Office, followed by a six-minute rapid-fire question and answer session.

Register here

Faces around Axcient

Axcient employees are a diverse lot, in many ways, and we were widely dispersed even before the pandemic brought about so many changes.

It is still fun to "meet" each other, and learn a bit more about our teams, both old and new.

So - here are a few new faces - as well as some familiar smiles!

Dylann Orozco

Carissa Johnson

Kris Connors

Amit Vij

Lena Patatpsova

Melanie Glisson

Victor Moreira

Kate Dyachenko


Search and restore OneDrive folders

You now have several options to search and restore OneDrive folders backed up in x360Cloud: use the Use Smart Search tools or use the new browsing tools built into x360Cloud Overview of both methods:


You already have Thin Client (as a free upgrade)

x360Sync's Thin Client provides Windows file access without consuming much local storage. And the best part is - you already have access to Thin Client as a free upgrade feature.

July treats

Everyone at Axcient is finally enjoying the summer weather - and what could be better than snacks served on the patio?

We collected a few photos of summer feasts from around the Axcient neighborhood!

Best Practices Tip: Submit a Support request

When you need the Support team

The simplest way to contact our Support team is via our x360Portal:
Log in, click "Create New" and give us all the details right there.

We've provided some fast, easy tools to collect the necessary information, plus you can always track the progress of your request in the same place.

How to create, review and close a Support ticket

Axcient Partner Program

Our simple Partner Program offers you on-boarding technical training and certification and early access to new products and programs (among other benefits).

Take a look at some Axcient Partner Program benefits:


Discovered a feature you would like to see?
Please consider submitting your idea via our Feature Request form.

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