June 2019
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New! OneDrive backup support

Axcient CloudFinder now provides backup support for Office365 OneDrive data.

Learn how to enable CloudFinder OneDrive backup for an organization here:

Review CloudFinder v1.78.4 release notes:


Controlling storage disk I/O throughput

A simple mechanism for controlling storage disk I/O throughput is available in Replibit Agent 2.23 This is useful when you are backing up a protected system using low-end storage or running within heavily populated virtual infrastructure.

Read about simple disk I/O throttling here:

What if your USB Seed Drive is not recognized?

We offer an end-to-end seed service , designed to get your customer data uploaded as painlessly as possible. Included in that service is the drive hardware you'll need to get the job done.

But sometimes you may need to create a seed outside of the regular preloading situation. Replibit is coded to create a seed on a standard USB drive. However, certain USB drives are actually "sled" or "enclosure" type USB drives. So how do you get Replibit to recognize the sled/enclosure-type drive for use in this situation?

There is a command to do this.


Customized branding

Did you know you can customize branding for your Anchor clients including logos, icons and splash screens? Control the look of a web portal, moble apps and desktop clients on both Windows and Macs.

How to customize Anchor branding:

Knowledgebase shortcuts

Need one-click access to the portal log-in or Administrator Guides?
Try the Anchor Landing Page:


Got disk space?

Reduce current disk space by following a few of these best practices:

VSS Tips and Tricks
There are several ways you can manage Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) more effectively. For example, you can fine tune your VSS writers, specify VSS storage settings and allow unlimited snapshot storage.

Step-by-step details are here:


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