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June 2020

Introducing the new look of Anchor

In May, we completed our updates to the Anchor Web Portal UX, modernizing design elements and navigation for both users and administrators.

Our goal was to make Anchor even more intuitive, so you can can enable remote workforces more efficiently. Check out the details of the update here

Remote Workforce Best Practices

  • The Axcient Finance team has prepared a report on government-funded financial support for small businesses, including resources available from the CARES Act.
    Download the latest here

  • Check out these four tips from MSPs for navigating SBA loans

  • Is everyone on your team comfortable with setting up remote workforces for your customers? For instance, can you explain to your customers how you are centralizing data, providing 24/7 access, and still ensuring their security? Review a few remote workforce best practices here

x360 CloudFinder

X360 CloudFinder MFA

Give your CloudFinder customers an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication. It's easy, too, because CloudFinder MFA is self-managed: users log in and enable MFA for their own individual accounts.
How to enable MFA for X360 CloudFinder

And remember that CloudFinder licenses are FREE through June 2020 for new and existing partners.


Scale-Out Cloud

Our new storage architecture provides near-instant cloud recovery, with data distributed evenly across the entire storage network, transparently.

Explore technical details of Scale-Out Cloud

Partner success story:

One of the best decisions an MSP can make for their clients is to walk away from a solution that doesn’t deliver the same quality they expect from themselves.

Read how an MSP saved $1,200 a month by moving to Replibit

June News: SpaceX & National Selfie Day

Have you been following SpaceX’s recent Crew Dragon spacecraft launch? This mission is the beginning of future exploration of the Moon and Mars with the Artemis program, landing the first woman and the next man on the lunar surface in 2024.
Read more here

Selfies in space?

Since 2014, the United States has celebrated June 21 as National Selfie Day. You take selfies. We take selfies. So do astronauts.

Now, NASA’s new app lets you generate snapshots of yourself in a virtual spacesuit, using real photos of space captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Roger that!

x360 Portal
x360 Partner profiles

We've added a new Partner Profile section to the x360 Portal account settings page. This makes it easier for you to maintain your information so we can keep you informed with new product updates in real-time.

Checkout the latest x360 Portal Release Notes here

Sign up for status reports

Have you bookmarked the Axcient status page? You can use this status page to:
  • View scheduled maintenance on any Axcient products
  • Learn about active 'incidents' with varying severities
  • Obtain a 'near-real-time' view of services and sub-services
You can directly view the page (by bookmark) or subscribe via email, text or RSS so that you are notified of all Axcient maintenance, incidents and incident resolutions.

How to sign up

How are YOU doing??

We asked our employees from different departments to share what their favorite and least favorite parts of remote work are.

Sound familiar?

Reminder: Free Anchor through June

Take care of yourself - and your company

Could you use 25 in-house Anchor licenses? As a member of the IT Channel, Axcient is here to help: not only to enable your client’s remote workforce, but also to ensure your data is protected and recoverable. Learn more about Anchor not-for-resale (NFR) licenses

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