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June 2021 - ARCHIVE

x360Recover: RMC

New! The Remote Management Console (RMC) has a fresh new look.

Our new RMC design provides a unified experience when using all of Axcient’s products.

You'll now be greeted with the same familiar theme, navigation, and style across all Axcient x360 products, including the RMC interface.

Check out this new sleek design, and let us know what you think.

Log in to your RMC here:

Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)

Early access to local cache

Local cache for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) is now available to early access program participants.

Local cache adds fast, local recovery of file folders, bare metal restores, and local virtualization - using a plug-in drive and your workstation. (Note: Local cache does not act as a full replacement for a local BDR appliance.)

For early access, contact your Axcient rep or simply submit a request here:
(Please write in "D2C Local Cache Early access" in an open note section.)

Next D2C Speed demo:
Thursday, June 17th - 12:00pm CDT

Join us for a nine-minute speed demo on Direct-to-Cloud, followed by a six-minute rapid-fire question and answer session.

(And you'll be automatically entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card, too.)

Register for June D2C Speed Demo

Linux and x360Recover

Have you ever wanted to access the Linux console to perform troubleshooting or tweak configurations in x360Recover?
  • We've put together a Linux primer if you're curious about using Linux with x360Recover.

x360Recover and 4K Advanced Format drives

x360Recover 10.7.0 now supports an automated mechanism for booting a protected system with native 4K Advanced Format disk volumes.

A P2V (Physical to Virtual) conversion process can now inject native VirtIO drivers into the offline system automatically - prior to boot - eliminating the complicated manual driver injection process.

How to virtualize with 4K Advanced Format disk volumes in x360Recover

You already have Thin Client (as a free upgrade)

x360Sync's Thin Client provides Windows file access without consuming much local storage. And the best part is - you already have access to Thin Client as a free upgrade feature.


Microsoft 365 archive mailbox protection

In May 2021, we started rolling out support for Microsoft 365 archive mailboxes.

You can now protect primary client mailboxes and ensure emails are backed up in the archive mailboxes, too.

Our latest x360Cloud release allows you to
  • view backup status for protected archive mailboxes
  • locate and restore archive mailbox emails
  • restore an entire archive mailbox
Details: x360Cloud for Microsoft 365 Archive Mailboxes

30 seconds of summer: June 2021

And - it's summer! What have you been up to?

The Axcient team has been enjoying the great outdoors!

x360Portal: Tips and tricks

Do you have new technicians? Need to get them up to speed on the Axcient solutions that are a part of your offering? Be sure to set them up with an x360Portal account, to give them access to all of our available training tools. x360 Portal FAQs

Have you checked the permission roles for your technicians lately? (The Admin role isn't usually the most appropriate for techs.) Or do you need to create additional users? Review how to manage x360Portal accounts

Schedule one-on-one live training here

Axcient Partner Program

Our simple Partner Program offers you on-boarding technical training and certification and early access to new products and programs (among other benefits).

Take a look at some Axcient Partner Program benefits:


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