March 2019

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Throughout the rest of 2019, we will continue inviting groups of partners to try our new Business Availability Portal.

The new Portal will allow you to manage all of your Axcient solutions under a single pane of glass.

Preview the Portal FAQ to explore more details.

New Dell hardware

We are shipping a new generation of Dell hardware to support the development of our BRC Business Continuity solution.

Get the details about the new Dell hardware here:

Reporting choices in BRC

You can create configurable reports from the BRC Web Application (including replication job analysis, hardware usage and network activity) and download them as CSV files.

See details on the available BRC reports:

Learn to configure, manage and troubleshoot Anchor, BRC and Replibit:

SSL certificates: Configure Apache for mobile connections

You'll need to configure your Apache web server with an SSL certificate in order to allow mobile devices to connect.

Watch a how-to video here:

Testing long paths

In the Windows API, the maximum length for a path is 260 characters. Applications can exceed this length, however, so Anchor does support the syncing of files to and from these paths.

Read about testing for long paths:

HIPAA Compliance:
Axcient is committed to providing cloud services that are secure and reliable, and that will facilitate your organization’s compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.

Review our HIPAA Compliance White Paper:

Changes in the GMP:

We made a few improvements to the Global Management Portal (GMP).
Take a look at the new features here:

Determine Hardware for a Replibit Install

Are you familiar with everything you'll need to install Replibit?

Review the recommended minimum hardware configurations:

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