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March 2020


Dark Mode for Synced Tool iOS 4.9

Finally, iOS users can join the dark side.

With iOS 13, Apple introduced Dark Mode and we've added support in this release of Synced Tool.

Checkout the iOS 4.9 Release Notes.

Edit Office 365 files directly from Synced Tool Android 4.5

With Synced Tool 4.5 for Android, users can open an Office 365 document and start editing immediately. Read all about it in our Android App 4.5 Release Notes:

X360 CloudFinder

What's new in v2.6.0?

We're introducing O365 authentication using OAuth tokens (instead of Global Admin credentials.) You'll need to grant some new permissions, so find out how to do that here:

Other new features in 2.6.0:
  • Audit logs (beta) so you view historical activity
  • Select backup for all new user accounts & new shared mailboxes, regardless of license state.
Read all about the new features in X360 CloudFinder in the Release Notes v2.6.0

By the Numbers: St. Patrick’s Day
  • 98 feet: Official total length of the World's Shortest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. (The distance is measured between two pubs in Hot Springs, Arkansas.)
  • 100 pounds: Amount of a special chemical poured into the Chicago River for St Patrick's Day in 1961, turning the river green for an entire week.
  • More than 250,000: Number of people who've walked in New York City’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade since 1762. (You have to walk: no floats or cars allowed.)


MFA within the RMC

For improved security, we recommend enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) within the RMC. This allows Org and Site users to configure an additional layer of security on their accounts. When MFA is configured for the RMC, users enter a one-time passcode generated by a mobile authenticator app during login. 

Step-by-step instructions on configuring MFA for the RMC are here.

Set it and forget it

Instantly review all of your Axcient account details, in one place, in the X360 portal. Plus: you can now "set it and forget it" with AutoPay, for extra convenience and security.

Learn about AutoPay here:


Version 10.0.0

Replibit v.10.0 is underway, delivering a Linux operating system upgrade from Ubuntu Trusty (14.04 LTS) to Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS) along with a Replibit product update. Please note that total upgrade time should take 30-90 minutes in most cases.

Review the latest details on Replibit v10.0.0. here:

MSP Technical Workshops
Have you been to an Axcient MSP Technical Workshop yet?

Our tech workshops deliver practical, hands-on learning. Be more efficient, stay current on best practices and network with your peers. Plus—lunch is on us!

Check out the up-coming schedule:


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