May 2019

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From our CTO, Kevin Hoffman:
We are working hard behind the scenes to make our solutions simpler, easier to manage, and more reliable. We have begun to measure your perspective on how we are doing when each support ticket is closed. Please respond every time, and give us candid feedback! We are actively using this data to better serve you. Examples of initiatives in motion because of your feedback:
We want to collaborate with you on these initiatives to make your experience painless, profitable, and proven. Please send me your feedback on how we are doing, and what we could do better at
I look forward to hearing from you!

Replibit Backup Analysis Tool

The first step in troubleshooting backup failures is to run the Replibit Backup Analysis Tool. This tool checks the status of the VSS system and runs additional Windows checks. Plus, if you include a ticket number, the resulting data is automatically added to your Support ticket.

Check out the Backup Analysis Tool here:

Using the Linux shell

Replibit is deployed as a hardened Linux distribution, so there is no graphical user interface display on the physical console. To simplify this, we have implemented a user account with limited access to a set of user-friendly command-line tools.

Take a look at the settings and options here:

More New Certification Courses

Partner Certification is now available to help new and existing partners feel comfortable and confident administering Axcient products. You can enroll in one or more of the following programs:
  • Anchor Product Certification (SaaS Track)
  • Anchor Product Certification (Private Cloud Track)
  • Replibit Product Certification
  • ACE Training (BRC Track)
  • ACE Training (Fusion Track)
  • Coming Soon: CloudFinder Product Certification
At the completion of each Product Certification track, you will be presented with a printable certificate, identifying your organization as a certified Axcient partner. If you do not yet have login credentials, please contact your Partner Success Manager to get started.

New! RMC notification bar

Updated in real-time, the color-coded expandable notification bar (at the top of every page) provides up-to-date information on scheduled maintenance and outages.

Take a closer look at the notification bar and learn how to set your filters.

New Releases
We are pleased to announce new releases for the following products, including expanded protected device support, security updates, and other enhancements for:

Business Availability Portal
Throughout the rest of 2019, we will continue inviting groups of partners to try our new Business Availability Portal.

Did you know you can now assign an "Accountant" permissions role to employees who need access to your Portal billing tools? Learn how here:

The Portal FAQ is here:

Migrating from Private Cloud to Saas

As an Anchor partner, you can opt to migrate from a private cloud environment to a SaaS environment—or vice versa. Do you know what to reconfigure if you decide to migrate environments?

Read more about how to migrate Anchor:

File naming tips and tricks

Here are some best practices to make sure your Anchor files are named effectively:


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