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Protect Everything.

May 2020

Anchor Worksheet For New Organizations

Before you create your first organization, take time to consider essential settings, policies, and options. We've put together a quick worksheet that walks you through some important considerations before you get started.

Check out the Anchor New Organization Planning Worksheet

Web Portal updates for Administrators and Users

We're fast-tracking initiatives that can help you enable a remote workforce. In April, we've been modernizing the look and feel of the Anchor Web Portal. Stay tuned for future enhancements to the Web Portal design.

Remote workforce resources

More tools and ideas for enabling remote workforces


Advanced format (4k) hard drives

With Replibit 10.1.0 and newer, protected systems with Advanced Format 4K disk drives now have more recovery options. In addition to simple file and folder recovery, you can export disks via iSCSI and perform bare metal restores. Also, virtualization and VHDX image exports are supported with some manual steps. See the details on AF (4K) drives with Replibit.


Replibit 10.1.0 is scheduled for a targeted release starting May 6, 2020. This release includes enhancements to AutoVerify troubleshooting, optimizations to Scale-Out Cloud and updates to Remote Assist.

See the full Release Notes here<<

"Who is that Celebrity at Axcient, Alex?"

Last year, nearly 20,000 college students auditioned for “Jeopardy". Natalie Hathcote, daughter of Axcient's Jeff Hathcote, made the final cut of the 2020 college tournament. Natalie hit the Daily Double, bet it all and she was RIGHT! Although she didn't advance beyond the quarter finals, we enjoyed cheering her on from our living rooms. Congratulations, Natalie!

x360 CloudFinder

ConnectWise ticketing

Did you know that x360 CloudFinder can automatically log a ticket in ConnectWise whenever 24 hours passes without a successful backup? ConnectWise combined with x360 CloudFinder can help your team respond quickly and efficiently. Learn more about configuring ConnectWise integration with x360 CloudFinder.

X360 CloudFinder MFA

Give your CloudFinder customers an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication. It's easy, too, because CloudFinder MFA is self-managed: users log in and enable MFA for their own individual accounts. How to enable MFA for X360 CloudFinder

And remember that CloudFinder licenses are FREE through June 2020 for new and existing partners.


Prune data on an appliance

To create additional free space on an appliance, you might want to prune backup data. You can choose specific files or you can prune all data from a selected restore point.

Instructions on how to prune backup data are here<<

Protect everything. Even tomatoes.
Scientists are discovering interesting ways to grow more food and protect fragile resources at the same time. For example, divers can now harvest tomatoes from an experimental underwater farm where plants grow without soil or pesticides.

Reminder: Free Anchor through June

Take care of yourself - and your company

Could you use 25 in-house Anchor licenses? As a member of the IT Channel, Axcient is here to help: not only to enable your client’s remote workforce, but also to ensure your data is protected and recoverable. Learn more about Anchor not-for-resale (NFR) licenses

Get started here <<


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