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May 2021 - ARCHIVE

x360Recover: Release 10.7.0

New! With Release 10.7.0, you can now:
  • Create Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) client accounts from the vault, with no License Portal login required
  • Use single sign on (SSO) to enable access to the Web UI from the Remote Manager Console (RMC)
  • Export instant virtual disk images (Read-only in 10.7.0)
Review the Release Notes for x360Recover v. 10.7.0

Outbound network traffic in 10.7.0

Does your security policy require that you explicitly enable all outbound internet traffic?

If so, you may need to add firewall configurations in 10.7.0 for your x360Recover devices.

Direct-to-Cloud (D2C):

Direct-to-Cloud bandwidth throttling tips

Since we released Direct-to-Cloud, your most frequent request has been for a means to limit the bandwidth of the agent.

Here are some how-to tips:

Why use local cache with Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)?

The combination of local cache and Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) gives you reliable recovery, simple pricing, and no overages or surprise bills. (While local cache will provide for fast local recovery, it will not act as a full replacement for a local BDR appliance.)

Ask your Axcient rep about joining the D2C local cache beta program, or, if you haven't tried Direct-to-Cloud yet, request a demo

Next D2C Speed demo:
Thursday, May 20th - 12:00pm CDT

Join us for a nine-minute speed demo on Direct-to-Cloud, followed by a six-minute rapid-fire question and answer session. All attendees will automatically be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Register for May D2C Speed Demos


Billable SKU types

In x360Cloud release 2.57.0, we've started mirroring our billable SKU types with Microsoft billable SKUs.

This includes all of the critical Microsoft applications which x360Cloud protects.

Curious? Review the list of billable SKUs

What does the x360Cloud "onboarding" status mean?

The Onboarding backup status message is applied to x360Cloud accounts when at least one service (such as Calendar or OneDrive) is being initially backed up.

The Onboarding message helps clarify when initial backups are completing normally and should prevent users from being distracted by false alarms related to those initial backups.

Review how to read Onboarding backup status messages

x360Portal: Tips and tricks

Do you have new technicians? Need to get them up to speed on the Axcient solutions that are a part of your offering? Be sure to set them up with an x360Portal account, to give them access to all of our available training tools. x360 Portal FAQs

Have you checked the permission roles for your technicians lately? (The Admin role isn't usually the most appropriate for techs.) Or do you need to create additional users? Review how to manage x360Portal accounts

Schedule one-on-one live training here

Is it spring - yet?

Will this winter ever end?

Axcient's employees are distributed all over the world, and so our teams experience a spectrum of weather conditions, from balmy to -- not so balmy.

As this winter slowly came to an end (maybe?), we collected some photos of Axcient team members, emerging from their long winter hibernation:

And don't forget our team in Smolensk!

Monitor your entire BDR fleet from one location

Remote Management Console (RMC)

Did you know you can now monitor your entire x360Recover BDR fleet from inside the RMC console? You can see summaries of local appliances, Axcient cloud vaults and private Vaults, and check the health of Direct-to-Cloud servers and workstations- all from one place.

What can I do in the RMC?

Axcient Partner Program

Our simple Partner Program offers you on-boarding technical training and certification and early access to new products and programs (among other benefits).

Take a look at some Axcient Partner Program benefits:


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