October 2019

Protect Everything.

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Near-instant cloud recovery with Scale-Out Cloud

Deployment of our new storage architecture, Scale-Out Cloud, got underway in August 2019. Migration of all Cloud data is in progress now and you'll be notified once your existing Replibit vaults have been converted. (Migration is planned for completion by the end of this year.)

Scale-out Cloud delivers an entirely improved experience. Once you've migrated into our new storage architecture, recovery of protected systems into the Axcient Continuity Cloud can be performed using iSCSI export of the disk images - and data no longer needs to be converted to VHDX or VMDK first!

Curious about our new Cloud recovery process?

Will you be at IT Nation Connect?

If you will be in Orlando later this month for IT Nation Connect, stop by Booth 504 and say hi! (Pictured are Chris and Marcy Kaiser from C Squared with some Denver team members.)


Case study: "People delete files and don’t notice until months later...”

The number one cause of most problems on any network is end user error. For example, people delete files and don’t notice until months later, when it’s too late to use the normal undelete process available in Office 365. So what will YOU do when a client needs help finding a missing folder in an O365 inbox?

True story highlighting the backup and retention limitations of O365:


How to recover from ransomware attacks with Snapshot

Advanced ransomware attacks can delete, recreate, then change file names, affecting a file’s revision history. Do you know how to use Anchor's Snapshot to restore data back to it's original state, rescuing files from even the most advanced ransomware attacks? (You can even recover the revision history of restored content.)

See how to use Snapshot:

Meet our Support Team

This month, meet Homer Parker, Technical Support Engineer [Replibit]

Before Axcient, what was your most interesting job?
I owned a wireless ISP covering 900 square miles of western Kansas.

What did you want to be, growing up?
A forest ranger

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Where's your favorite place in the world?
My bed.


Image backup modes explained

You have some choices when it comes to selecting an image backup mode for Windows machines:
  • Legacy, based on a single VSS snapshot
  • IR (Intelligent Replicator) based on two VSS snapshots
  • FD (Fast Delta)
Do you know the advantages of each?

A new type of cloud platform,
built from the ground up

Your data security is paramount: at the appliance level, during transmission to the Axcient cloud, at rest in an Axcient datacenter, and when accessed from the Web console.

Our latest security architecture:

Technical Best Practices Workshops
Have you been to an Axcient Tech Best Practices Workshop yet?

Our tech workshops deliver practical, hands-on learning. Be more efficient, stay current on best practices and network with your peers. Plus—lunch is on us!

Check out the up-coming schedule

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Live, one-on-one training
Schedule live, customized training with the Axcient Team.

Axcient Marketing Portal
Did you know you have access to brandable campaigns and assets related to Axcient Anchor, CloudFinder, Business Continuity and Security at our Axcient Marketing Portal?


Whenever you encounter a feature you would like to see in one of our products, please consider submitting your idea via our Feature Request form.

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