September 2019
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Certification: All Axcient Products

Now for all Axcient products...

This month marks the first time we've offered full product certification courses for all core products: Anchor, BRC, CloudFinder, Fusion and Replibit.

...all in one place!

Log in, select a course and track your progress—all from the new Training tab, inside the
Business Availability Portal.

Training courses are broken up into bite-size lessons (roughly 15-20 minutes each) and are mobile friendly. Take a look:

(Ask your Partner Success Manager if you need credentials.)


New! Scale-Out Cloud with Instant Cloud Recovery

Scale-out Cloud delivers an entirely new and improved experience.

Until now, each vault in the Axcient Cloud was allocated a dedicated storage pool, restricting storage to a limited number of endpoints and data (TB).

Now, Scale-out Cloud vaults will distribute data evenly across the entire storage network transparently, with data for protected systems dynamically distributed across our entire cloud.

Discover what Scale-Out Cloud (with instant cloud recovery) means for you.

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Replibit Mini-Gen2 Appliance

The Mini-Gen2 replaces Axcient's most popular storage capacities (1, 2, 4 and 8 TB) and includes:
  • Hot-swap drive bays for easy storage drive replacement,
  • IPMI for remote access, and
  • Field upgrade to 4, 8 or 16TB of storage for hybrid variants (depending on original model purchased).
Read more about Replibit BDR Appliances.

Order on the Replibit Licensing Portal.


Anchor v2.7.1

Our latest release includes important features, improvements and fixes related to performance and user experience. Take a look at the 2.7.1 Release Notes.

Recover from a Lost or Stolen Device

If an end user loses a computer or mobile device, an Anchor administrator can unlink the compromised device from the user account. (This is especially critical for organizations that need to comply with HIPAA.)

Watch a two-minute video on using Anchor to recover from a lost or stolen device.

Step-by-step instructions on Anchor's Remote Wipe feature are here:



CloudFinder's SmartSearch performs full-text search operations across all user accounts and connected services.

You can even view historical snapshots and version histories, directly in CloudFinder, without downloading or navigating away from the system.

Watch a one-minute video on SmartSearch:

Tips on Appliance Software Updates

Software updates for the BRC Axcient appliance are managed through the Axcient Web Application and can be configured to occur automatically, or to be initiated manually by the user.

How to configure appliance software updates:

Meet our Support Team

This month, meet Brent VanDyke, Technical Support Engineer [Anchor]

Before working at Axcient, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've had? I worked for 9 years at the same company (same building, at least) in storage (from ASICs on to enterprise infrastructure). Every day was something new— whether it was a core switch issue, a problem with a Linux server mount, whatever it was— it was always high stakes, and, typically, involved a Fortune 500 company that nearly everyone on earth had heard of. The most interesting 'ticket' involved what I later found out was a satellite—what that satellite did, nobody would ever tell me (though I had a solid hypothesis).

What would you do (for a career) if you weren't doing this? I miss working with my hands. I've always enjoyed working on vehicles, tearing down and rebuilding engines. If money were no object, I'd spend all my time rebuilding classics. What do you like to do in your spare time? Anything on two wheels (bicycling and motorcycling), and I love to tinker. My latest project was building a wifi garage door opener. I was tired of fighting the garage remote, but all the options I could find for this were both expensive and required monthly fees for the "service". So instead, I built one. About $15 and a bit of time later, we have a better solution at a one-time cost. I find little projects like this quite rewarding.

Where would you go on your dream vacation? New Zealand. There aren't many places that I actually dream about regularly, but NZ is one of them.

Technical Best Practices Workshops
Have you been to an Axcient Tech Best Practices Workshop yet?

Our tech workshops deliver practical, hands-on learning. Be more efficient, stay current on best practices and network with your peers. Plus—lunch is on us!

Check out the up-coming schedule

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