September 2018

Technical Best Practices for Anchor NEWSLETTER

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Business Continuity: Data Protection & Recovery

As an MSP, your clients sync and share important data, and it's your job to protect them against common risks. Read on to learn how Anchor can help you keep client data safe and recoverable. 

Preventing Data Loss:
Making the Most of Multitenancy

To mitigate the chance of exposing sensitive customer data to outside users, you should only create administrators within the organization to which they need access. Except for a few trusted administrators, the master organization should remain empty. Learn more »

Preventing Data Loss:
Data Retention Policies

As an administrator, you can create data retention policies for each individual organization to determine how long synced data, revisions, and backups are stored in the system. Read the Article »

Finding Lost Data:
End User Activity Logs

Activity Logs in the end user's web portal help find when content was created, updated, renamed, moved, or deleted. You can even export the log to a local machine.
[Video:] Using Activity Logs:
Read about Activity Logs: »

Working with Deleted Data

Restore in the Portal:

Depending on policy settings, you can view & restore specific files & folders in the end user web portal.

Restoring Files

Revision Rollback:

Revert files to an earlier revision before a selected date - particularly useful when reverting revisions in bulk.

Using Rollback:

Note: Rollback will NOT revert re-names, deletions or restores.

Read about Revision Rollback »

Recover a Snapshot:

[Video:] Snapshots

Advanced ransomware attacks (such as Locky) might affect a file's revision history. If so, try the Snapshot feature.

Read more about using Snapshots »

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