August 2018

Technical Best Practices for Replibit NEWSLETTER

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Welcome to our first Technical Best Practices for Replibit newsletter:
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New Feature
Recovering multiple files and folders

Released in version 6.0.0, Replibit's File Browser feature now allows you to recover multiple files and folders simultaneously, using the Replibit Web interface.

In the past, you were only able to download one file at a time, but now you can select multiple files or even entire folders to download. Selections will be bundled and compressed into a zip file for download.

[Video] Recover multiple files and folders:

Protected Systems & Data Limits on Your Vault
What's the optimum vault size?

For best performance on an eFolder hosted vault, keep the number of protected systems to around 20 and limit the total amount of data to 15TB (whichever limit you encounter first.) Review Your Provisioned Licenses

It is important to review your license usage each month to prevent extra cost. Licensing is displayed in the Reporting tabs on the Management Portal. Unneeded licenses should be removed to avoid unnecessary billing expenses. Sites with too many or too few licenses assigned will be flagged in yellow to alert you.

Are You Subscribed to Replibit's Release Notes?
Our Development team has been working overtime this year, releasing over 23 major and minor updates. To stay current on what each update brings, subscribe to our Release Notes.

[Video] Subscribe to Replibit's Release Notes:
New! Turn on Remote Assist
Another new feature released in 6.0.0 is Remote Assist. When enabled, it allows our Development Team to connect directly to your Replibit systems through a secure SSH connection for troubleshooting.

Remote Assist allows us to perform advanced troubleshooting and resolve problems that have been escalated by the support team to our Development Engineers. By enabling this feature, your issues can be resolved much faster, as we eliminate the need to have multi-way conference calls between you, Support, and our Developers. This feature is simple to enable when you need assistance and is automatically disabled at the end of the support window you specify.

[Video] Turn on Remote Assist Overview of the Global Management Portal (GMP):

The Replibit Global Management Portal (GMP) provides a central server that delivers secure remote access to all managed devices (appliances and vaults) as well as an overview of all managed and protected systems.

[Video] Check out the new reporting features in the GMP:
Mount a Snapshot from Vault

You can recover files and folders from your vault as easily as you can from your appliance - but with one twist.

This video will show you how to log on the vault's Web interface as the customer to allow this feature.
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