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Technical Best Practices for Replibit NEWSLETTER

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NEW! Resumable Replication
With v.8.1.0, our Replication engine has been completely replaced. Enjoy a 3x-5x improvement in end-to-end replication performance and a more robust transfer mechanism.

Version 8.1.0 is a staggered release, beginning October 15 2018.
Read about all the enhancements here:>>

Before you deploy an agent:
There are some methods you can use to efficiently install and configure your agents. Review these best practices before you begin.


- - - Menu of Replibit components:
  • Appliance: Customer-facing device where backup data resides and virtualization is performed
  • Vault: Receives incoming replicated customer data
  • Global Management Portal (GMP):Single-pane-of-glass view of all appliances and vaults deployed
  • Licensing Portal: Central management point for licensing and hardware orders
  • Agent: Software deployed on systems to be protected
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Replication and QoS
If your firewall supports it, QoS is a better method of managing your Internet traffic, as it will allow you to utilize the full bandwidth of your connection at all times.

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