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October 2018

Technical Best Practices for Replibit NEWSLETTER

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What's new in October? Learn how to:

Set Up Retention Settings:
What's the difference between basic and custom?

Basic retention settings retain all snapshots for the number of days you specify.

Custom retention settings retain all snapshots you specify but also let you decide whether to keep the LAST available snapshot for the day, week, month, or year.

Adjust IP from DHCP to Static:
New Replibit BDR appliances are shipped pre-configured for a DHCP IP address. But there are some critical reasons that you should never leave devices set for DHCP long term. Do you know how (and why) to change this setting?

Enable nightly boot VM check on an appliance: Did you know you can set an appliance to perform a nightly virtual boot-up, using the most recent recovery point, then take a screenshot of the running system?

Deprovision a Protected System
Are you familiar with all of the steps required to stop the billing process? Revoking a license on a protected machine does not stop billing of the license. To avoid future billing, when removing a protected system from an appliance, delete that system from the vault.

What you need on a Support ticket:

Before you click 'Submit', remember to include these things:
  1. The vault URL
  2. The name of the appliance (and of the protected systems affected, if the issue involves local backups)
  3. Is remote assist enabled?
After you submit your ticket, run the Replibit Analysis Tool. You can then input your support ticket ID and the results will automatically be uploaded to the ticket for the support technician to review.
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