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x360Recover for Linux

Coming soon! Early access to x360Recover Backup for Linux

We're preparing to release backup for Linux-based files in Q2/Q3. The rollout of our Linux BDR is part of our ongoing investment in our x360Recover product - and your feedback is appreciated.

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X360Recover: v.10.16

Improved migrations

In our latest release, your protected system data is no longer stored in a staging area when migrating from one device to another. Instead, data is ingested directly on the target device - in a single step. So now, interrupted jobs can be successfully restarted - and you can reclaim all that extra staging space.

Curious about x360Recover migration improvements?

| Vault to vault migration | Appliance to appliance migration |

New vault-to-appliance options

We've also added a new vault-to-appliance recovery option: Specify the oldest snapshot, so you can recover a smaller subset of data to that appliance.

New options when recovering from a vault to an appliance

Direct-to-Cloud (D2C): Local cache

Speed up recovery of D2C-protected systems

Local cache for Direct-to-Cloud contains all the block data from your recent backups. So, if you need to perform a recovery, all that data is available locally - and you don't have to download everything from the cloud.

x360Recover Manager

Control how your customers view their backups

You can set configurations in the Recover Manager (RMC) so when your customers remote to their vaults or appliances, their access will be limited to their own protected systems logs, settings and data.

Configure client-specific access to Manager (RMC)

MSP Playbook

Best Practices in Disaster Recovery and Testing

  • Construct a resilient plan with a structured planning and testing framework
  • Develop a curated list of current security policies, frameworks, and standards
  • Review common pitfalls to avoid
  • Tips on supporting remote workforces
  • DR testing tips, including free tools
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New x360Cloud EU app

In v.3.6.0, we're replacing the old CloudFinder Google Marketplace app used by our European clients with the new x360Cloud EU app.

Release notes for x360Cloud 3.6.0

How to install the new x360Cloud EU Google Workspace Marketplace app


Thursday, April 21 | 12:00pm CT
Recovering your data in multiple scenarios (including Ransomware!)

You have choices: virtualization in Virtual Office, ransomware protection with AirGap, cloud-based BCDR with Local Cache, and recovery in the Azure public cloud, without Microsoft backup.


Tuesday, May 3rd | 12:00pm CT
Recovering from a Total Ransomware Takedown
5 Things MSPs Need To know

How long would it take to recover your typical client if all of your clients and endpoints were hit by ransomware – including your own systems? That's the definition of a total ransomware takedown and it happens more than you might believe.

Hear the top takeaways from last summer's massive RMM breach and - lunch is on us! All attendees from MSPs will receive a $25 UberEats gift card after the event has ended.



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Configure client-specific access to Manager (RMC)

x360Recover Eco Quick Start Guide
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Recovery Center v1.7.0
x360Recover Bare Metal Restore
Manager (RMC) v4.20

x360Cloud v 3.0.0

x360Portal v 2.4.0

x360Sync Thin Client 3.4.1
x360Sync Web 2.59.0
x360Sync Android v 4.20
x360Sync iOS 4.28

Axcient Referral Program

Share the success you've had with Axcient. Refer your MSP network to Axcient and earn cash rewards ranging from $250-$1000.

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Faces around Axcient

Always a pleasure to see these Axcient people - both new team members and old-timers, alike!


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