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Security Update: Log4j Vulnerability

As we've all heard by now, critical vulnerabilities in the logging framework Log4j began to make news on Friday, December 10th.

Did any of this affect your Axcient products or services?
  • No Axcient systems have been compromised.
  • Axcient partner data continues to be backed up and protected.
  • Axcient x360 products (Recover, Sync and Cloud) are not vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228. We've validated that our partners on the x360 platform are fully protected.
  • The majority of Axcient internal and cloud operations have also been validated as not vulnerable. One product update (for BRC appliance versions >= 10.4) has already deployed.
Best practices reminder: Backup appliances should always be on the LAN behind a firewall. They should NOT be directly accessible to the public internet, since they only require outbound connectivity and can function behind a NAT without any inbound port mapping.

Axcient's Log4J security update

The latest Log4j news from the CompTIA ISAO cyber forum

x360 Recover - Cloud AutoVerify for D2C

New! Early access to Cloud Autoverify for Direct-to-Cloud endpoints

Historically, AutoVerify has been part of the BootVM check operation on all x360Recover appliances. It helps ensure that the recovered backup is healthy - and automatically performs additional operations to ensure the recoverability of the snapshots.

We are now offering early access to Cloud AutoVerify (for Direct-to-Cloud vault endpoints.) Your Axcient-hosted vaults for Direct-to-Cloud endpoints can enjoy all of the functionality of traditional AutoVerify.

Read all about our new Cloud Autoverify for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)

Future enhancements
  • x360Recover Manager is being enhanced to report results from both vault-based Cloud AutoVerify as well as appliance-based traditional AutoVerify.
  • Additional enhancements and hardening for Cloud AutoVerify are planned over the next several x360Recover releases, as we streamline operations to support rollout to 100 percent of Direct-to-Cloud endpoints.

Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) for Microsoft Azure

Direct-to-Cloud for Microsoft Azure is our all-in-one solution to protect your client data in the Azure public cloud.

x360Recover has always supported Azure VM backups. And now, D2C for Microsoft Azure skips the local appliance and sends data straight to the cloud, for a flat per-device fee with unlimited storage and retention.

How to seamlessly virtualize Azure VMs with D2C

Check out D2C for Microsoft Azure features coming in 2022!

Now recruiting testers!

We're looking for partners familiar with Microsoft Azure services who can test one of our new UI prototypes.

The prototype test takes less than 5 minutes and runs on your browser.

Interested? Access the prototype test here

Got free marketing resources?

The Axcient Marketing Portal (AMP) is a free, marketing resource - available exclusively for Axcient partners. Unlimited access to the AMP comes free as part of Axcient partner support, including
  • Already-built marketing resources for social media and email
  • Brandable, customizable collateral to enhance sales
Learn more about what's available in the free AMP


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