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2022 in review: Highlights

Together, we've covered some ground this year!

Here's our annual roundup of Axcient highlights for 2022:

Design: Marc Ybarita

Local cache is now included as part of your Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) platform. During emergencies, accelerate recovery of D2C systems - by eliminating bulky cloud downloads.

Did you know you can convert a Datto appliance to x360Recover?

You can now virtualize an x360Recover appliance or vault as a guest VM in Hyper-V.

We released our new Health Dashboard so you can see all protected systems, appliances, and vaults at a glance (and take immediate action)

Linux! We've introduced support for Linux with x360Recover - a long-standing feature request - and begun an early release agent to a limited number of partners!

Try the handy new RTO Calculator and demonstrate how much downtime could actually cost your client

Fine tune your x360Recover billable usage report with a view of quantities by customer and protected system, as well as GB storage by customer

Restore files and folders with D2C Recovery Center, our specialty app designed to preserve native Windows permissions and recover very large files

Enjoy zero downtime restores for Hyper-V using x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) Recovery Center and local cache

Fully virtualize your Microsoft Azure backups with a simple D2C setup - typically in 5 to 15 minutes, with no rip-and-replace requirements

You'll now be able to use Cloud AutoVerify to deliver all the functionality of AutoVerify to Axcient-hosted vaults for Direct-to-Cloud endpoints

We've launched a new Direct-to-Cloud onboarding video library, summarizing what you need to get started with D2C - in under six minutes, total

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x360Recover for Linux

Yes, early access to x360Recover Backup for Linux has begun

We're continuing plans to release image-based backup for Linux in the future.

If you are interested in backing up your Linux endpoints, please sign up for early access and our team will reach out to you.

Early access signup: x360Recover Backup for Linux

What's happening in January 2023?

Join us for two, live, 30-minute, interactive sessions:
  • Thursday, January 12th, 12 PM CT
  • Should you use hardware-free cloud backup (Direct-to-Cloud) or appliance-based backup, or both? Learn about your deployment options
  • Thursday, January 19th, 12 PM CT
  • Watch real-time disaster recovery with Virtual Office, and find out about x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Register once and we’ll send you reminders ahead of each session.

See you in 2023!

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RELEASE NOTES: November 2022

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