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Direct-to-Cloud (D2C): Local cache verification

Direct-to-Cloud with local cache has been in general availability for a while now. Our fast recovery acceleration layer is included for free with D2C, giving you the speed of a local BDR appliance - but with drastically less cost (and stress) than on-prem hardware requires.

New! We've launched a new verification feature for D2C local cache: Once every 24 hours, a health check locates and "self-heals" any missing data, and then reports results to the backup server.

And now, with Agent 2.32, verification and self-healing runs even more efficiently - in the background, to avoid blocking scheduled backups.

x360Recover Analysis Tool (RAT)

What is a RAT?

When you open a support ticket for a backup issue, you may be asked to run the x360Recover Analysis Tool (RAT)

The RAT collects agent configuration logs, and also grabs info about Windows and overall system health. A RAT report is then saved - for us to review with you, when we work on the support ticket.

You are eligible to use Virtual Office
(Did you remember to turn off your test?)

Any time your on-premises backup is unavailable, Virtual Office (VO) lets you self-manage recovery of your protected systems in the Axcient cloud.

  • All x360Recover partners are entitled to use Virtual Office - whether you are a Direct-to-Cloud customer or use a traditional BDR appliance.
Check out all the details on Virtual Office - and remember: As an x360Recover partner, you are already eligible to use VO.

But, please: Remind your teams to always stop and discard your virtual offices when you are finished testing to avoid unwanted overage charges. Review how overage charges work at Virtual Office use & billing

Watch a live Virtual Office recovery

Tues, Feb 22nd | 12:00pm CT
Ransomware Recovery with Virtual Office
Part of Axcient's 'Simplify and Gain Profitability’ Demo Series

Watch us recover from ransomware - in real time - using self-managed x360Recover Virtual Office.


Latest RELEASE NOTES: January/February 2022

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What's your plan to survive a catastrophic event?

How will you respond when something completely out of your control happens and risks your business?

Join us for a candid discussion about what the co-founder of Progressive Computing learned from a similar experience and how they built processes to survive an unexpected incident.

Wed, Feb 16 | 12:00pm CT
A Business Leader’s Guide to Surviving a Catastrophic Event


Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) for Microsoft Azure

Direct-to-Cloud for Microsoft Azure protects your client data in the Azure public cloud.

x360Recover has always supported Azure VM backups. And now, D2C for Microsoft Azure skips the local appliance and sends data straight to the cloud, for a flat per-device fee with unlimited storage and retention.

Use Direct-to-Cloud to virtualize an Azure VM

Faces around Axcient

It's a fresh new year and we're ready to take on the challenges of 2022:


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