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x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) local cache

Local cache is already included as part of your D2C platform.

Here are three reasons to take a closer look:

Cloud recovery can depend on the speed of a user’s internet connection. But during emergency recovery with D2C local cache, the client's hottest data can be recovered instantly from the on-prem device (while older data can be recovered later from the cloud.)

An efficient health check runs in D2C local cache every 24 hours, self-healing any missing data, & reporting to the backup server, so you know you are updated and protected.
With D2C local cache, you choose any hardware you prefer (from a low-cost USB external drive to an extra NAS appliance) and still get high-speed local recovery - without all those charges for proprietary devices.

More ways to use D2C local cache

x360Recover - See how it works

Got 6 minutes?

Here's our latest demo, showing how x360Recover recovers a system - both locally and in the cloud - in just minutes.

Recovery Center 1.8.0

New! Appliance endpoint support

Recovery Center is our stand-alone companion app for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C).

The latest release supports all forms of recovery for protected systems stored on local appliances.

That means you can use local appliance backups for high-speed recovery of virtual disks or Hyper-V virtual machines.

X360Recover: Analysis Tool

Analysis Tool

We've completely rewritten our Analysis Tool (which collects log files and configuration info during troubleshooting.)

You can run the Analysis Tool from
  • The appliance or vault user interface
  • An installed x360Recover backup agent
  • Recovery Center
Analysis Tool: Where, why and how


Thursday, June 16 | 12:00pm CT
x360Recover Demo Series: Direct-to-Cloud

We're walking through multiple scenarios - including a ransom ware attack - so you can see how our tools work in the real world. In this 30-minute, interactive demo, get a front row seat for a Virtual Office recovery and take a closer look at how to actually use the power of D2C's local cache.



x360Recover May 2022 release notes

Weekly list of what's new in the Axcient knowledgebase

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Recovery Center v1.8.0
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Recover an Exchange mailbox from an appliance with ADR
Recover an Exchange mailbox from a D2C protected system with ADR
x360Recover vault and appliance health checks

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