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x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)

What's new with D2C local cache?

D2C's local cache delivers locally-available block storage from your recent backups. It gives you the recovery speed of a local BDR appliance - but without the hassle (and cost) of hardware. And you don't have to download everything from the cloud.

  • We've recently introduced local cache verification as part of D2C: an efficient health check that runs every 24 hours, self-heals any missing data, and then reports to the backup server.

    Learn about local cache verification for D2C

X360Recover: Agent 2.33

New release: Enhancements to Smart Recovery

Release notes for Agent 2.33

Our latest agent release includes support for local cache trimming, improved functionality for network credentials and enhancements to
  • Smart Recovery: Our next generation recovery mechanism collects details on physical disks, partitions, and volumes and then returns exactly-matching virtual disk images during a recovery. We recommend enabling Smart Recovery for all BootVM checks.
[More about Smart Recovery]

x360Recover Manager 4.22

New Manager (RMC) dashboard

You now have high-level graphical insight from within x360Recover Manager, allowing you to monitor the health of devices, clients, and systems:

Release Notes for Manager v4.22 (RMC)

x360Recover for Linux

Early access to x360Recover Backup for Linux

We're planning to release backup for Linux-based files in the future.

If you are interested in backing up your Linux files, please sign up for early access and our team will reach out to you.

Sign up for early access to x360Recover Backup for Linux

Help clients calculate the costs of IT downtime

Do your clients actually know how much IT downtime could cost their businesses, in terms of dollars and cents?

These costs are unique to every business, of course. But having a solid ballpark number allows your customers to use cold, hard facts when weighing downtime losses against investments in disaster recovery systems.

We've put together a simple, free "calculator", to help you show your clients the facts.


Thursday, May 12 | 12:00pm CT
Security Chat: What MSPs Need to Know for the Second Half of 2022

Prepare for expanding state regulations (which hold MSPs responsible for data loss), learn about vendor community shake-ups and share industry tidbits and opportunities for MSPs in the second half of 2022.


Thursday, May 19 | 12:00pm CT
Deploy x360Recover & Manage Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)
x360Recover Demo Series

Join this 30-minute, interactive demo to calculate how much you could save each month with flexible deployment scenarios and hardware-free BCDR

Explore our chain-Free technology, BYOD options and AutoVerify automation.



x360Recover April 2022 release notes

Weekly list of what's new in the Axcient knowledgebase

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