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Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) for Microsoft Azure

Direct-to-Cloud for Microsoft Azure is our all-in-one solution to protect your client data in the Azure public cloud.

Why do you need this?
  • Microsoft service SLAs do not cover the data stored within those services.
  • You are still responsible for protecting client data running within Azure.
  • Native Azure backups are complicated, requiring extra services. (It’s not an all-in-one solution.)
  • If there's an Azure outage, both the production infrastructure and your Azure native backups may be unavailable.
x360Recover has always supported Azure VM backups. And now, D2C for Microsoft Azure skips the local appliance and sends data straight to the cloud, for a flat per-device fee with unlimited storage and retention.

x360Recover - Release v10.10.0

New release features

We've released x360Recover v10.10.0 with a bunch of useful new features, including:

  • MFA lockdown on all x360Recover devices

    With x360Recover's lockdown mode, you can enforce MFA for all devices by disabling local logins to appliances and vaults.

    Use lockdown mode for MFA

  • Friendlier device names

    You probably manage lots of systems with similar names, (especially if device names are based on function.) Now, you can opt to override the system hostname wth a friendlier "alias" .

    Assign an alias to a protected system

  • See which volumes are excluded from backup (and why)

    The x360Recover agent has always provided the appliance with a list of volumes included in the backup. With this release, you can now see which volumes present on the protected system are being excluded - and why.

    See excluded volumes

Halloween around Axcient:

Interested in improvements to alerting?

We're planning to consolidate and improve the alert settings across all Axcient products - and we'd like your input.

You're invited to demo the proposed designs and provide your feedback here:.
  • Please allow a few seconds for the test environment to load.
  • Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari are supported.
  • This demo should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Questions? Need help? Let us know at ux@axcient.com
Thanks for helping!

Axcient Marketing Portal

Enhance your marketing efforts with the Axcient Marketing Portal (AMP)

The Axcient Marketing Portal (AMP) is a free, marketing resource - available exclusively for Axcient partners.

We've enriched it for a better user experience, including new content for email nurture campaigns, client pitch decks, and other customizable assets.

Learn more about the resources available in the AMP and register for a demo here.

Local Cache Speed Demo

Thurs, November 18th | 12:00pm CT

Direct-to-Cloud with local cache can deliver full disaster recovery capability with simplified management and no expensive appliances. Get the affordability of cloud BDR and the speed of local backup without the need for an expensive local BDR appliance on-site.

Register here:


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