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October 2018

Technical Best Practices for Anchor NEWSLETTER

Information from technical people for technical people


Welcome to our September issue of Technical Best Practices for Anchor newsletter: No sales jargon, no promotional gimmicks, just technical news you can use in your daily work with our Anchor products.

Track with the Event Log:

The desktop client generates log files but these can be difficult to review. As an alternative, you can isolate errors quickly by reviewing the Windows Application Event log. Event dates and times can be referenced in conjunction with the desktop client log files to dive deep into issues with much greater efficiency.

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Slow syncing issue?

There are some common issues that clients might perceive as slow syncing. Follow these specific troubleshooting tips to streamline access:

Did you know the detailed reference material in the Anchor Administrator Guide is broken down into corresponding shorter articles in the Anchor Knowledgebase? For example, the chapter on navigating the Administrative Web Portal is also available as a stand-alone KB article.
Troubleshooting Desktop Client Display Issues on Windows Machines

Many graphics driver issues can be resolved from the command line by altering OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) settings. You have several options to consider when working with OpenGL to finetune GUI issues.

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We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Technical Best Practices for Anchor Newsletter. If you have suggestions for future newsletter topics, or ideas on new Anchor features, please get in touch using our Feature Request. We value your input on how to improve our product offerings.

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